Архив rb.ru

Communications Manager

Архив rb.ru


Communications Manager

Описание позиции

Developing and implementing comprehensive programs  of sustainable corporate contributions and sponsorship that promote the company’s overall public policy objectives. Develop and implement proactive outreach activities with external and internal audiences in order to strengthen the company’s corporate image, raise understanding and support for the Company’s pursuit of comprehensive regulation within the context of Harm Reduction.Ensure that the Company’s views are conveyed in a factual, balanced and timely manner.

Требования к кандидату

-We are looking for a good teamworker, having deep experience in media relations, having extraordinary writting skills both in russian and english languages. Possibly someone with journalizm background, excellent communicator, self starter and able to work independently.

-Russian language native, English fluent

-Russian citizenship

-Experience on the similar position (or PR senior person\Director) 3+ years


  • Маркетинг и PR


  • good teamworker
  • deep experience in media relations
  • extraordinary writting skills


  • FMCG / ТНП / Luxury
  • Биотехнологии / Фармацевтика / Медицина / Медицинское оборудование
  • Услуги для бизнеса

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