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Описание позиции

Develop digital strategic plan for consumers, customers and key influencers ensuring integration with marketing professional strategy and plans.
Based on insights and creativity, it has to be structured, prioritized and focused on what has impact. It must be clearly and realistically actionable. Indicators of performance for tracking will be included. The end goals being acquisition, conversion and retention.
  • Reach targets;
  • Interact with them;
  • Engage them by providing the best and most useful information + education and by the creating the most bonding relationship.
Execute the strategy in an appealing manner while staying strict with timing and budget commitments. Credibility, trust and pet love are key values to build on.
  • Content conception;
  • Creative development, on line copy writing;
  • Digital media, SEO;
  • Social media, social CRM;
  • Partnerships;
  • Multi-channel integration;
  • Measure the effectiveness of activities (ROI) and learn from them. Recommend to repeat / improve / stop.
Work closely with the consumer marketing, customer development and PVA departments to: 
  • Ensure that the Digital  activities stay anchored into the broader commercial organization and consistent with Integrated Marketing Campaigns as well as PVA and customer development strategies;
  • Cascade the marketing, PVA and customer development strategy into digital;
  • Seize opportunities to develop new tactics;
  • Work closely with Global Marketing to leverage global initiatives and keep consistency
  • Maintain and upgrade the Russian the local Hill’s Russia website consistently with the global one. Be the local website leader in contact with global marketing and with VML provider;
  • Deliver effective new IT capabilities to the marketplace for the organization whilst maintaining the quality of the existing ones. Also identify ways where IT technology may be in the way (avoid technology myopia)

Требования к кандидату

  • Preferred qualifications include: University degree in Marketing, Communication, Journalism, Literature, Arts.
  • Experience: At least 3 years of work experience required, from Digital agency or FMCG digital marketing/traditional marketing. E-marketing experience preferred but high IT knowledge and involvement are acceptable. Strong Project Management experience is required.


  • Маркетинг и PR


  • FMCG / ТНП / Luxury
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