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HR Director

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HR Director

Описание позиции

One of the famous FMCG companies is looking for HR Director (Moscow suburb, 15 km from MKAD).

To develop, execute, monitor and re-assess a Human Resources and Organisation policy within corporate guidelines, to ensure an effective and competitive organisation structure and adequate quantitative and qualitative staffing, meeting the current and future needs of the company.

ACCOUNTABILITIES     :          

Strategic PlanningTranslate the company’s vision into a local vision. Contribute, from the specific viewpoint of the functional discipline Human Resources Management, to the formulation and implementation of the long term policy of the company and ensures achievement of long term goals.

Annual Plan and Budget: Develop annually a Human Resources plan and budget, linked to developments and trends on the labour market at one side and the needs of the organisation at other side as planned in the overall annual plan, to fulfil the staffing and organisational needs in time and adequately.

Recruitment & personnel planning: Organize and implement employment procedures in order to ensure adequate supply and flow of manpower to meet current and future personnel requirement.

Remuneration Policy: Design, implement and administer a remuneration policy (wages, salaries and benefit plans), which meets the company's standards and guidelines, to ensure that the company is competitive on the market concerning recruitment, retaining and motivating the required employees.

Performance Management: Design, implementation and administer the performance management/appraisal system for all employees, so to ensure the employees performance is adequately assessed and rewarded.

Training and Development: Design and implementation of the training and development programs of all employees, so that present and future tasks (jobs) will be adequately staffed and executed.

Management Information: Develop and manage a personnel information system to ensure the availability of up to date and adequate information covering all company personnel and organisation structure.

Organisational Development: Advise and assist the General Manager and heads of department in implementing organisational changes, to continuously ensure an optimal organisation structure that meets the companies needs.

Organisational Climate: Respond and advise in particularly to the General Manager on the organisational climate and advise on measures to be taken to ensure the standards of the company are met and ensure the optimal motivation and involvement of all employees.

General Affairs: Organise and manage company fleet and all HR-supportive service facilities (including catering, laundry of uniforms, transport, cleaning & security) to ensure an optimal working process.

Regional/International Cooperation: Participate in regional and/or international alliances to ensure an optimal co-ordination and co-operation on regional and international level.


CHALLENGES               :          

To install a well-staffed, motivated, reliable and good performing working team within the HRM department and within the total Company’s organisation.

To establish and to implement the company’s remuneration policy.

To develop and to implement the company’s performance appraisal system.

To establish and to realise the company’s Training and Development program.

To realise the HR budget in time and to assure the required quality.

Требования к кандидату

Experience on similar position from 3 years

Fluent English, native Russian

Russian citizenship

Experience in HR Management on production plant


  • Управление персоналом


  • Experience in HR Management on production plant
  • Team member


  • FMCG / ТНП / Luxury

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