Архив rb.ru

Purchasing Procurement Research Manager

Архив rb.ru


Purchasing Procurement Research Manager

Описание позиции

The person will be responsible for marketing materials development in close cooperation with creative agencies as well as brand groups internally, bringing  expertise and new ideas to the company.

Main purpose of the job is to serve as single point of contact to a partner Brand Group, ensuring the availability of the best state of art solutions and concepts to support brand strategy and effective establishment of brand toolbox. Provide and develop innovative ideas based on the excellent market knowledge gained via effective collaboration with lead suppliers, agencies, public resources as well as internal sources (other markets, central functions etc.).

Major challenge:

Process changes reflecting the organizational re-alignment (decentralization in Sales Area and Marketing org re-alignment). New brands and/or variants as well as other marketing initiatives which are usually required to be produced and launched in a time period shorter than the normal guaranteed lead-times. Multi brand environment,  hence diverse internal customer base with high variety of requirements.  Development of new sourcing strategies in order to secure company’s spending in all areas before commitments while considering volatile supplier base. Large geographical scale and variation of deployments plans across and within Areas is the major challenge to ensure effective and cost-efficient operational planning process and materials logistics.

Требования к кандидату

Overall Experience in Procurement area preferably in Procurement of Marketing Materials & Services or experience in Marketing area 4+ years. Specific  Experience: Leading cross functional projects.

Experience in procurement marketing materials rather than services would be appreciated

Fluent English

Russian citizenship

Priority to experience within FMCG or within largest advertising (BTL) agencies.


  • Закупки / логистика


  • Experience in procurement marketing
  • Team member


  • FMCG / ТНП / Luxury
  • Услуги для бизнеса

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