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Technical Support Manager 150 000 рублей

Архив rb.ru


Technical Support Manager 150 000 рублей


The  TSManager is responsible for installation, maintenance and modification of company products in the country. The position is responsible for the quality of service provided to the customers after product implementation. Provides training and support for distributors and works closely with other departments to secure customer satisfaction. With the growth of business in the region / country, the Technical Support Manager may lead a small team of Service Technicians.


- Licensed Engineer in mechanics or electrical field recommended

- Any required certification for working in Public places and the Health field by local law

- Command of Quality Manual

- Driver’s license

- Basic knowledge of hygienic rules and electrical engineering

- Knowledge of applicable laws, regulations and norms

- PC skills (MS Office, Lotus Notes)

- Native Russian language, fluent in English


- Car Allowance

- Bonuses


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